• Flora Paintings

    The flora series is an ongoing group of paintings utilizing the flowers and plants from my home garden. Some are painted outside in my yard while others are in containers which I can bring into my studio and augment with store bought flowers. I’ve recently been adding various shaped mirrors to the set ups, which both multiply the forms and fracture the space. As I work on the paintings, the surface begins to grow along side the plants and flowers in front of me. What attracts me to paint a subject initially is usually a formal concern: either a color or combination of colors, a pattern or a unique shape. A flickering light effect might cause observed moments to slip in and out of clarity. Sometimes while painting, an observed, delineated form will dissolve into an abstract brush stroke. The painting becomes an improvised dance between my brush and the canvas as the continually changing light forces me to react quickly and intuitively to the motif in front of me. Within a painting session that has a beginning and an end, some passages are clarified while others are covered up and disappear. The painting continuously oscillates between generalizations and clarified forms. Returning to the motif continues like this until it is exhausted, until I can no longer find a relationship of elements which hold my interest. It is then that the painting is finished.

    photo by MCG Photography